Time is..

June 17, 2013 at 12:10 am (nothing's wrong) ()

Time is such an overrated concept. Cause one moment of bliss beats eternity anytime.

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31st of November

November 30, 2012 at 3:04 am (autumn, love, me, you)

i’ve once loved a girl
i like to think i still do

somewhere in the past life felt like a french movie
cause french movies are perfect

sounds and music grow together
and bring back memories from the past
in a black and white picture
in my mind

some things couldn’t last
or could they?
it’s all about the house of choices
that i built
but let’s leave it in the past

the smiles, the hugs, the simple laughs
it’s all a box inside my heart

and boxes will be closed and opened
and boxes will be stacked.

the end.

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30th of November

November 30, 2012 at 2:43 am (autumn, me)

my soul is empty
my heart is empty
and empty is my brain
something must be full
my dreams are full
of hopes, of hopes and pain
no snow, not yet, nor…

… i drop my smile
it breaks and shakes
i start my flight
and run again
i lose my mind
and start to think
drops of water,
drops of autumn
drops of ink

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Friendship is Fun

June 1, 2012 at 10:02 pm (nothing's wrong)

Sometimes you think it hid somewhere and days of silence pass by and then it pops out out of nowhere making a funny face, but it doesn’t work this way. Friendship doesn’t comes and goes, friendship stays, it’s always there, always around the corner. It’s about sticks found below a very important bench in a park, it’s about endless debates about nothing important and sometimes about very important stuff, it’s about ice-cream, about chocolate, about walking around, about being silly and dropping bags of chocolate over and over again, about shopping, about stories that never happened, or ones that did, about trains running on tracks above us, just like in a sci-fi prophecy from the past. About many more things. Friendship is always building itself. I like it a lot!

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October 4

October 4, 2011 at 12:27 am (nothing's wrong) (, )

A year has passed? Possibly. But that’s far from important. Constantly relating to the past, makes the present difficult. For me, a couple of hours have passed, since the most recent great day I can remember, while the future awaits still, in silence and unexpectedness.

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A story with bears

September 13, 2011 at 10:25 am (nothing's wrong) ()

Somewhere deep inside an unknown forest, lived a bear named Lucy. Her existence was once limited by seeking all day long for berries or honey, like all the bears did, well almost all. She had many friends, like all bears do, well, actually all bears in the world are friends, that’s a fact, but Lucy had much closer friends, some of them smart, some of them silly and one of them very funny.
In the last couple of months Lucy was feeling a little strange so she thought that it was a good idea to sign up for the summer camp somewhere far far away, in the land of the awesome Grizzly. This was a symbol for everything bear related in this world; they couldn’t live without thinking of the Grizzly, so it was beyond her imagination of how cool that place would be.
As days past by and suddenly it was a little colder, much more darker in the evening and everything turn from bright green to dark red, winter was close, the forest was a bit different now and all that Lucy was thinking about was Grizzly and Grizzly related stuff, water slides and salmon. So she built a complicated system of waterfalls and rivers right inside her home, studying for days and nights. You could always see a light somewhere at her window, bringing a smile to a lonely night.
Her friends weren’t quite sure of the outcome of this, maybe neither was Lucy, all they knew is future having something very important coming for them.
So they went to sleep. As it was the shortest path towards their dreams.

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Autumn Christmas Day

September 5, 2011 at 7:48 am (autumn, life)

For some us, it can’t wait until December to get in the mood of celebrating. A late night cup of that perfect tea can bring wonder in our minds and release our imagination beyond the unthinkable, it can snow inside our heads, it can bring cookies to our imaginary friends.. and foes, to keep them busy while we take a break from their problems.
Any less summery autumn day can resemble the joys of winter mood, like passing by a musical instruments store and staring, for an amount of time that may as well feel like an eternity, at that bronze acoustic guitar, that brings back memories together, around a warm campfire, burning somewhere close to our souls.
In some states of mind, it can be considered rude not to leave everything else alone and focus on this great feeling when it comes around.

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March 21, 2011 at 5:35 am (nothing's wrong)

It’s gonna happen. This is it. The week to start it all again. Past is not important anymore. Nor the ghosts that could come along from there.
It’s time to change, to live again, to feel, to run, to hide, to smile for no reason.
Just like an empty amusement park, that suddenly breaks apart and falls down leaving behind a small wooden carousel that rotates as the wind blows..
On which you can get on and off, at any speed or time of the day.

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random bs

February 27, 2011 at 9:59 pm (nothing's wrong)

Sometimes I write things in the middle of the night, just because I don’t want to forget how I’m really feeling, even though I might deny them the very next day.
Going back to places I grew up in, isn’t as easy as is seems, as everything reminds me of early moments in life that could have gone in a different way, breakpoints I didn’t use when taking actions. How could I have messed things so badly…
What is life anyway? A stereotypical question for moments of denial and self exclusion from the present tense.
A series of events, questions and thoughts. Why am I falling in love with the same person over and over again? Perhaps is easier to fall asleep this way.
We create questions with no answers, so we can seek for something new from time to time and never lose purpose.
Beauty of the body and beauty of the mind, but what about the beauty of the soul and the beauty of all of these together, even the beauty of nothing at all. What if everything is beautiful about a person? Could you tell them that? That’s an overload of compliments and it sounds like it might not be true at all..
That’s why you say nothing, but you feel everything. It’s not really that bad, no, it’s actually good.
And you stop and move on, altough you know what a big lie you’ve just created. So you just stop. For a while.

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mixed fillings

January 13, 2011 at 12:06 am (life)

a typical day in the life of this bear, started with a quick overview of his icecream factory and only then he could go check the chocolate factory, his most latest business. chocolate was easy to make, easy to pack and easy to sell, it was simple and sweet, so this new job was somewhat boring, as its complexity was far inferior from the icecream one.
there, you could find lots of fillings and as time passed by, bear mixed them all up to create a totally awesome icecream, that was always so perfect. though not everyone was happy with this and the other shareholders were constantly trying to keep bear’s focus on the chocolate.
no one knows what happened next. the end

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