That feeling

February 20, 2016 at 5:07 am (nothing's wrong)

I remember you!

That feeling of joy, wonder and paranoia. We meet again.

Actually, I almost completely forgot about you, how foolish of me. I’m completely messed up right now, I’m doing stuff that I haven’t done in some time, my mind flies away, I sleep a lot less, I actually caught a cold. It all happened so fast. Oh well, I can’t really complain, can I? But I should, it’s not like anyone is reading this anyway. I could say anything.

I’m sorry I haven’t been very interesting in the last couple of days, it’s kind of hard to cope with everything. And I miss her, I really do. I know I’m over reacting, but I’m feeling a little depressed, yeah, who would’ve thought that would happen. I mean, I’m usualy feeling it during the spring, but now it came a lot earlier.

I need more offline interactions, hell, I should be writing this on a piece of paper and throw it straight to the can. I will pretend that’s exactly what happened.


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