A story with bears

September 13, 2011 at 10:25 am (nothing's wrong) ()

Somewhere deep inside an unknown forest, lived a bear named Lucy. Her existence was once limited by seeking all day long for berries or honey, like all the bears did, well almost all. She had many friends, like all bears do, well, actually all bears in the world are friends, that’s a fact, but Lucy had much closer friends, some of them smart, some of them silly and one of them very funny.
In the last couple of months Lucy was feeling a little strange so she thought that it was a good idea to sign up for the summer camp somewhere far far away, in the land of the awesome Grizzly. This was a symbol for everything bear related in this world; they couldn’t live without thinking of the Grizzly, so it was beyond her imagination of how cool that place would be.
As days past by and suddenly it was a little colder, much more darker in the evening and everything turn from bright green to dark red, winter was close, the forest was a bit different now and all that Lucy was thinking about was Grizzly and Grizzly related stuff, water slides and salmon. So she built a complicated system of waterfalls and rivers right inside her home, studying for days and nights. You could always see a light somewhere at her window, bringing a smile to a lonely night.
Her friends weren’t quite sure of the outcome of this, maybe neither was Lucy, all they knew is future having something very important coming for them.
So they went to sleep. As it was the shortest path towards their dreams.


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