Eve’s morning

December 24, 2010 at 8:36 am (j_is_for_joy, m_is_for_magnets)

Our little alien didn’t expected much from the artificial light that morning, perhaps just a loud city with people running around in fast motion, but less than a predefined quantum of time later, he found himself driving his spaceship in a fast pace, ignoring red lights, but thinking he’ll replace them, with smaller ones, on the top layer of the tree, a little bit later.

Also, the noise expected was missing, it was quite quiet inside his head, as he was still happy with discovering a strong magnetic field, not long time ago. This thought left a long trapped irreplaceable smile on his face, as he was getting closer to the place where the trains arrive, though he later found out that this was the place where trains mostly leave. Nevertheless, a familiar chilling in the air, left him standing still for an undefined period of time, creating a warm sensation somewhere deep inside.

On the way back he could only hear Serge Gainsbourg and that was just fine.


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